Burnt (Il sapore del successo) draws another genre ibridation. It resumes Masterchef tv schema in its philosophical ground: exists a foreign entity judging and it cannot be judged. People that partecipate to this reality willingly accept the axiom, estraging all their critical skills on behalf of an obstacle course set by the foreign entity, course accepted as is.
Exists the idea: it must do that because it has been decided before. It isn’t far from a totalitarian organization, with the difference that the winner will significantly benefit from this kind of situation. It should add an cultural equalization as well: if in the whole world are performed the same instructions, it will result in the same behaviour, with the possibility of feel at home everywhere. Well, the beauty of traveling is to feel diversity and imperfections.

The cast is functional to the philosophical ground: therefore the group is solid during the acting without any heights to be remembered.