On 10-13 December 2015, a new edition of the SILMO ISTANBUL exhibition will create a link between Europe and the Balkans, Central Asia, the Near and Middle East and North Africa. This will be a large-scale optics and eyewear event occupying a 16,000 m2 exhibition area in Halls 9-10-12 and 14 of the Istanbul Expo Centre.

This major new exhibition welcomes professionals and manufacturers from the Turkish optics and eyewear industry and also, at a wider level, companies in both Europe and Asia involved in every aspect of the sector: frames, lenses, contact lenses, materials, services, etc. With exhibitor numbers rising — currently more than a hundred, representing 500 brands —, SILMO ISTANBUL wishes to attract considerably higher visitor numbers (independent opticians, chains, manufacturers, distributors, institutions) from all the nations of the Central Asia-Middle East-North Africa region, building on the SILMO PARIS international network and leveraging the local expertise of its Turkish organisers 24 SATT AJANS.

However, the coordinators of SILMO ISTANBUL are mindful of the need to win the sector’s confidence and take the time to establish an event of this kind on a calendar already packed with international trade fairs. The challenge is therefore to ramp up communications, showcase Turkey’s attractiveness and position itself as the industry’s must-attend winter gathering.